Our Team

Chris Boudreaux

Chris Boudreaux has more than seven years of social media experience, and nine years in interactive marketing, online product management, and CRM. As a technologist and business operator, Chris combines detailed expertise in digital and social media with years of experience in large-scale business transformation, to help clients transform and integrate digital operations with clear ROI.

Daniel Davis

Daniel is a freelance photographer based in Austin, Texas. He is driven by the challenge to capture images that tell a story. Daniel has experience photographing people engaging in a variety of activities. Austin and beyond provides ideal backdrops for his diverse portfolio. We feature Daniel's photos on our web site. Follow him on Instagram @danieldav_is

Keller Davis

Keller brings a little bit of Dallas and a great bit of Aggie spirit to the team. He is the master of staging and directing video projects that make clients look like pros. No detail escapes his keen eye for lighting, staging,talent and final editing. Keller's experience is broad and his expertise includes, corporate videos, music videos, short films and Web series.

Tim and Kamela Janke

Yes, these are two distinct individuals, but they are a powerhouse pair. Tim and Kamela bring the Janke creative design talent pool to the table. Behind their strong art direction, tremendous creative concepts come to life through architectural graphics, print collateral, Web designs, trade show exhibits,corporate presentations, logo development and so much more.

Peter King

Peter grew up with a passion for art and an interest in business. He found his calling in college in commercial art. His current and previous employment incorporates work in the creative aspects of strategy, marketing,advertising, web and design disciplines. He calls it creative communication. Our clients call it killer web development.

Lisa Lawrence

Lisa's areas of focus include helping companies define and refine their media relations plans, cross-promotion development, and developing media/public relations materials to support the various campaigns. In addition, she has extensive experience in arranging media and analyst tours, securing media coverage for clients, and providing media training. She has also developed a variety of community relations programs to support companies’ local community outreach in key markets across the country.

Noelle Newby

Over the past 15 years, Noelle has served as a leader in marketing, B2B and consumer experiences across a variety of categories: QSR/CDR, CPG, Financial, TelComm, Technology, Travel, Political, Education, Military, Consumer Services, Non-Profit and more. Currently, she takes on clients with a passion for purpose, helping them embrace relationship marketing with successful results.

Richard Powell

Richard is a Web genius, and code is practically his first language. Fortunately, he well-versed in English too, which helps clients understand how the world of Web sites work to their advantage. He gets extra credit for developing our website.

Vincent Salas

Vince is the president and founder of SPR. He is a seasoned,international industry award-winning communication strategist with a deep understanding of media relations, constituency relations, employee communication, crisis management, philanthropy, advertising and public policy campaigns.

Jensen Yancey

Jensen is a freelance director, cinematographer, and videographer based out of Austin, TX. He has worked in corporate film, music video, and feature films, as well as on many short films and web series. Jensen has an extensive background in DSLR filmmaking and covering many roles on set.